Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another really inexpensive dinner

Tonight was another veggie meal, no meat, we had purple hull peas (from the freezer put up from my parents garden) fried okra (also from the freezer put up from the garden) fried potatoes, cabbage and cornbread, and I also made the boys mac and cheese (bought on sale for 39 cents a box) that sounds like alot of stuff but we have several odd eaters with this meal, youngest son and I dont eat peas, and oldest and youngest son dont eat okra, but it all probably was less 1.00 per plate. With left over peas and cornbread for hubbys lunch tomorrow and left over cabbage which I will add some soy and hosein sauce and put in egg roll wrappers for my lunch tomorrow. You know thinking about the cost of this I really think the price was closer to 75 cents for each plate. I love pricing out my meals, it makes me realize how much I am saving. If anyone reading here cannot cook, my advise to you is to get cook books from your library and learn to cook, it is the best way to save money. Cooking from scratch like I do saves so much money. I do used boxed mac and cheese because I can get them so cheap and my boys like them alot.