Saturday, January 12, 2008

okies...I dont have any great CV's deals to post about

LOL my state doesnt have CVs (bummer I know) but I did get a big bang out of my gift certificate from Christian Book Distributors On my website (not blog) I have a affiliate button for CBD but I havent earned the 25.00 required to get checks, so they decided (if I understood the letter right) to close out the affiliates who are not earning enough to get checks, with gift certificates..ROFL all that to tell about how I spent my 9.80 gift certificate. I LOVE the CBD bargain corner, I got 5 books and 1 cd for my 9.80 (I had to pay 1.60 overage) 2 books by Tommy Tenney including the Hadassah One Night with the King, a ministry book by him, a book by Andrew Murray who is a favorite author of my hubby, and then two young adult fiction for my boys to read. The CD is by a group called Skylark I believe, I hadnt heard of them but liked the previews I listened to of their songs..I love stretching a gift certificate..