Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Combating quickly increasing high prices...

How do we combat high prices?? Prices are jumping quicker than we are shopping just about, so how do we keep high prices from killing our budgets? I would love to hear your ideas on this in the comment section, but also I will share a few ideas we use to combat high prices.
*The first thing we do is we stock shop, when items we use are on sale, we stock up, yeah it was kind of funny to see 8 jars of 88cents Peter Pan peanut butter in my shelves, but that price was excellent and those 8 jars will last us up into the summer. We do this with meat too, we are eating the last package of 69 cent split fryer breasts tonight (bought in early January) Our freezer is a big help.
*Next we are not afraid to shop in the clearance bins, for meat, I know they mark down meat in the mornings so I try to get to the store early in the day to take advantage of meat markdowns, also I check out the clearance produce buggy and the clearance misc items buggy. I have found great bargains there, and then when I have coupons to combine with those items (this is hit and miss you never know what will be in there) the savings are awesome.
*Also it is hard to keep up with a price book these days, but having a general idea of what things normally cost, helps you to know when things are a bargain.
*Don't be afraid of thrift stores either, I am rough on my clothes (I really need to wear those aprons)Last week I got 4 new tops for 1.50 at the thrift store, not a stain on them...so now I have some nice shirts for when I have to go out, NOW to remember to wear the stained ones to cook in ROFL..and I know it is sometimes hard for us to get past things, but I have found the junkier the thrift shop the better the prices and if you get in there and really look you can find good bargains.
* Drive speed limit to get better gas mileage, make sure your tires are inflated and to get the most out of your gasoline, start out with a full tank, we get better mileage when we fill up the tank instead of 20.00 dollars here and there.
Please post how you are combating increasing prices..