Thursday, February 28, 2008

Todays savings...

Today when I went to groceries I saved 6.34 in are my bargains..

Eggland Eggs 2.17 minus 70 cents coupon was 1.47
Free Coffee Mate saved 3.95 (we normally buy dollar general brand but I had a coupon for a free bottle)
And then Vocal Point sent out buy one get one free coupons for Fuze drinks so saved 1.69 or if you balance it out I got two for 1.69 or 84.5 cents each.

for me the best was the eggs because that was 42 cents cheaper than the store brand eggs.

I also got a ham that was marked down in the clearance bin, for 4.08 so that was what was for dinner, hot ham and cheese sandwiches.

I spent 40.00 for groceries, and my budget is 60.00, dont know if I will pick up anymore or not.