Thursday, March 12, 2009

Days when your efforts are just not cutting it..

oyyyyyyyy I have been trying to cook at home this week, during the first few weeks of loosing our son, first four weeks, actually, I didnt cook hardly at all, and we ate cereal, or fast food or now I have been cooking again, and last night we would have been seriously better off with fast food or cereal, everything I made was horrible, the chicken had too much spice on it (bbq spice) the rice a roni was crunchy and I cooked and cooked it, I think the brown rice in my rice mixture caused it..the only thing good was the green beans and they were cold by the time we just was a flop of a meal..I felt horrible that my son and husband had to eat that really bothers me to do stuff like that because I am normally a great cook. they didnt complain but it irked me at me..(that make sense to ya ROFL) But today is a new day and new days mean new efforts are put forth..I am thinking some nice white beans sound good, but then I just thought I have some gumbo stuff too, maybe pop up to the store for some shrimp, although I do have some crab meat I could use in place of shrimp already here..think I will do that..sounds like a plan for sure..Hopefully all your efforts today will be much better than mine yesterday!!