Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fall, fall, fall...

Leaves are falling, some of them havent even changed colors yet and still they are falling. It has been very rainy and cool here this week, definitely not our normal temps. But NO complaints here, I am loving it!!

Even though I am very very cold natured, I love winter weather better than summer, dont get me wrong I love summer too, going to the river and swimming, heating up on a rock..LOL but you know there comes a point in the summer where you have to stop taking off clothes (and still be decent and law abiding) So far as I can tell there are no laws about how many clothes you wear though in the winter..LOL Plus I love the smell of wood smoke in the air. Yeah there are still lots of folks heating with wood, I wish I had a wood heater, I love wood heat. At least I have natural gas heaters (infr red ones) instead of central heat. I never get warm with central heat.

I am craving a glass of cold apple cider (prefer fresh, but probably wont get that) I love cold apple cider, dont care for it warmed up though. Yesterday I had a cup of hot cocoa, the first of the season for was yummy!!

Today's hint
Menu planning saves time and money (it will keep you from picking up fast food) However if you add in the equation of using your sales ads, to plan your menus, you will save even more money. By serving meals based around the sales, you have saved more money, and your time. If you don't get sales ads in the mail, remember lots of stores now have their ads online. I dont live near the closest Kroger, but my husband goes to school right on the same block, so I check the online ad, to see if there is a great sale, and then I send him, with my coupons and a list (he is much better at staying on the list than I am) when they have a great sale. Take advantage of online sales papers.