Friday, October 02, 2009

Good Friday Morning to You!!

Well a thunderstorm rolled thru last evening and things are much cooler this was much cooler this morning than yesterday...I stayed in bed under the covers after I woke my son up, to begin his day...LOL not fair you may say...but ohh well as I tell him "life is not fair"

Today is Friday...a nice bright sunny day!! Tonight for dinner we will have steak and eggs and if I get industrious some biscuits, if not toast. Last night's chili was wonderful and I am going to have a left over bowl for lunch here in a bit.

I read late again last night, but not until 2:30 am, as I did the night before, just until 11:30 I was tired. Drifted right off to sleep too, which is super rare, usually I have to lay there and save the world (in my head) first. I have built houses, decorated them, re-arranged furniture, re-arranged the church decor, all sorts of things in my head while trying to go to sleep ROFL..I am not one of those who has ever just dropped off to sleep the instant I lay down. My husband does, but I have to toss and turn a while (hour or two generally) so when I do drop right off to sleep it is a pleasant surprise and I know I must have been very tired.

Today's hint
With all the flu going on, germ X (hand sanitizer) is hard to find in stores, as is Lysol. But I feel that proper handwashing and proper wiping things down, can do as much or more to kill the germs you come into contact with. Wash your hands with soap in hot water, scrub them well and dry them well, germs love dampness. Wipe down your counters, with a hot bleach water solution, then dry with a clean towel. While not a doctor, I am fairly positive that proper hand washing is more effective against germs than a hand sanitizer, and much better for your skin also.