Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween as a child

When I was a kid, we didn't link Halloween to bad things and it was a holiday we celebrated. There were certain houses we always wanted to get to house the lady always made homemade popcorn balls and we were all excited to get there, and were very disappointed if we got there and she was out. As we got older, though, it got to be more about handing out candy. And what our daddy would come up with to scare our trick or treaters. One year we took a tether ball and hung a sheet over it, and made it look like a ghost and someone (either my brother or daddy) crawled on the house and as soon as the person on the roof heard the front door close they would drop it so the trick or treaters would turn around and walk into it. LOL It is a wonder some one didnt have a heart attack. Another year my daddy hid beside the edge of the house and would jump out and yell boo...scared people. I bet the people in our town thought we were crazy folks..

Share some memories from when you were a kid and halloween. We dont celebrate Halloween much, but if we are home I do give out candy.

I know that there are evil things that happen on Halloween, but I really miss the innocent days when it was just about kids and candy...:-s