Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday.

Keeping my aprons in view helps me to remember to use them. I have so many clothes that I have ruined. I keep my aprons hanging on a peg behind my kitchen stove, and it reminds me to use them. But I still am not great at keeping from ruining my clothes...LOL

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ohhh a few more tips rolling around in my brain.
 *add zest and zing to any pot of veggie soup, or hamburger soup, by adding a jar of salsa.  YUMMY!!

* want to add meat to your potato soup, but ham is too expensive, add a diced up smoked sausage (my store runs them for 2 for 3.00 all the time)

* make your potato soup or creamy soups divine, by adding a block of cubed up cream cheese.
OK time to stop I am making me hungry  LOL