Saturday, January 09, 2010

a frugal fast meal...

for a quick lunch, I often do this (just did in fact) I put on a pot of water and open a pack of ramen noodles, I sprinkle about half of the seasoning packet in the water and dispose of the rest, (I did save them, but got so many and wasnt using them, so in the trash they go) then I get it boiling and drop in the ramen noodles.. after it has boiled a bit, I stream in a couple of eggs that I have beaten (like for scrambled eggs) I let them cook another minute or so and drain off the liquid.  Then I splash a dash of soy sauce and top with some crunchy topping (like the crunchy noodles in asian aisle) I know ramen isnt that healthy, but sometimes you need fast and this is super fast and probably better than eating a fast food burger and fries.  MUCH cheaper for sure. 

OHHH yeah be watching for the surprise coming this Thursday on January 14th, Tips and Hints 5th blog-a-versary!!!