Monday, January 11, 2010

So excited!!

about my five year blog-a-versary....I will tell you a bit about the surprise....First of all it will involve a drawing!! LOL yes we love give-a-ways!! Second it involves something I made (will make, gotta get cracking!!)  Third...I hope I dont love it so much I keep it..ROFL!!!

On to other news look -------------------->    OVER there at the little temperature don't say freezing your hiney off in Arkansas no more...the sun is brilliant out and it is nearly 50 degree...can you believe it...just days ago we were in the low 20's for highs...yes highs...One thing about Arkansas if you dont like the weather, just hang around a week and it will change drastically..ROFL...

soooo I am hoping you guys are excited about the blog-a-versary too!!! Tell your friends!!