Monday, June 28, 2010

Menu Planning Monday??

Are you planning a menu for the week today??  Do Mondays find you looking in your freezer and pantry wondering what to cook all week?  Well they dont for me.  I am the worst menu planner EVER.  I can plan one then never stick to it.  SHOOT I can cook things and have it all ready in the fridge, just need warming up and change my mind.  I am a totally desire, craving driven eater.  If something doesnt sound good, I dont want it.  OR if something else sounds better then I want that. 
That being said, I always try to make sure I know what is in the freezer, my pantry (such as it is) is open so I see what is in it all the time. 
Summer is also a hard time for eating around here, because I just absolutely sometimes gag on the thought of hot food.  ICK!!!

Share with me some of your favorite summer time meals....

Ohh and happy menu planning LOL!!