Thursday, June 03, 2010

Some Tips for Thursday.....

just some random tips....

* If your doctor is beginning you on a new medicine, be sure to ask for samples.  Also ask if there is any type of drug company program to help pay for the medicine.

* If you need help with something, ask someone to help you, instead of struggling to do something that may be overwhelming you.  (You have not because you ask not)

* A dollar bundle of flowers, (Walmart no longer have 1.00 flowers but check your dollar stores) a small baskets, some foam and some filler leaves (I save mine from old arrangements) can make a lovely gift, or a nice peice to put on a grave. 

*  Check the thrift stores for unusual  or different containers to make flower arrangments in.  Also our local dollar tree has some lovely baskets

*  Speaking of the dollar tree, they have these foldable fabric bins that are great for organizing.  They really make it easier to organize and the price is right.  I use them in my craft room

* Recycle recycle recycle....I use over envelopes for shipping books.   Also don't forget to check out paperback for books you may be looking for

Have a great weekend!!!