Monday, January 10, 2011

Hurricane Lamps

These have become very popular online I have made 5 of them, this is one of my large ones on a tall candlestick.

I love making them, they are super easy, but what is fun now is finding unique vases and candlesticks to put together. And of course we all know my frugal side comes out there too, so I scour Thrift stores for my unique vases and candlesticks. The picture above was made with a dollar vase from the dollar tree and a tall candlestick I bought in a thrift store for fifty cents.

The next vase is made from a candlestick and and vase from a thrift store, each costing fifty cents. And it is filled with 3.00 worth of Christmas clearance stuff. LOL

Back to edit....
I glue the vase and the candlesticks together using rubber cement, I have even used super glue. Recommended online glue is T-6000 (or something like that) or gorilla glue.  I have had good luck using the rubber cement or the gel super glue.