Friday, October 11, 2013

A week since I last grocery shopped...

My husband stopped last night and picked up a loaf of bread, but other wise all is well, I will have to get milk and more bread tomorrow.  There are no great sales going this week so that will be probably all...unless I go to the store hungry, then who knows what will come home with me ROFL.

Menus for Next Week...
Chicken Spaghetti
French Bread

Lunch out with friends already planned

Monday Night
Pork chops
with green beans and mashed potatoes

Tuesday night
Chicken and Rice
Green beans

Wednesday Night (this one is tough I like the convience of grabbing something fast on the way to church, but I will cook)
peeped at the weather forecast it will be cooler on Wed so I am thinking
Frito chili pies sounds good

Thursday Night
White Northern Beans
fried potatoes
corn bread

Friday Night
Fried Catfish
Home Fries
left over beans

Clean our refrigerator Night

Yay to write it on my fridge and do it!!