Thursday, October 10, 2013

Did you cook this week??

So have you cooked this week?
I did Monday night and tonight, Tuesday night was pizza, and last night we grabbed a burger on the way to church.  I know I am bad, I should have cooked Tuesday I was just lazy.  There I said it.  I had ground beef already thawed, I just didn't want to cook, so I ordered pizza.  Not frugal!  NOT!

On Monday, I used the left over jambalaya from last week, and I cooked a half a pound of pintos and added the jambalaya to the pintos and sliced up the last half of the keibalsa sausage I had used in the jambalaya.  I also made a pan of corn bread.

Tonight I cooked the thawed hamburger and added it to two boxes of mac and cheese (the kind with the creamy cheese in foil packs, We added butter bread with it and that was dinner.

Tomorrow night I have already planned on making chicken spaghetti, I will add some green beans with that.  And butter bread..

I have got to start menu planning again, if I just write down what I am cooking for supper, it saves me time and money.  GOT to do this...

So what did you cook this week??
This picture is from a tea party I had with the little girls who lived next door to me a few years ago.