Saturday, October 12, 2013

The going to the store...

So I went to the store today...I ended up going to two stores..Big Lots and Kroger.

I spent a total of 54.00 at both stores
At Big Lots
I bought a few grocery items my total there for everything (grocery and non was 22.22)

Food/Household Items bought
Bag of Marshmellows (Big Ones for Toasting) .90
155 piece bag of Tootsie Rolls                      2.80
2 cans of yams .80 each                                1.60
Bag of candy corn                                         1.00
2 packages of corn muffin mix .33 each            .66
Laundry soap                                                 2.50
Shampoo                                                       2.50

So my food/household items were 11.96 before tax

At Krogers

Greeting cards   2.97
Milk 3 half gallons for 5.00
Bread (Colonial)        2.00
5 pounds Yukon gold potatoes 3.99
48 ounce package frozen rolls 3.99
Kroger cheese slices               2.59
Duncan Hines brownies           1.25 (had 75 coupon, so final cost was .50)
1 pound shaved turkey Kroger brand 2.99
bagged salad                            2.50
French vanilla cream                 2.49
non dairy creamer                     2.49
tax                                            1.36
total                                         32.87

Ok adjustments to my menu, from the shopping done today...tonights French bread replaced with rolls,
and Monday nights mashed potatoes with the pork chops have been changed to Yams.

That is all the changes...happy cooking to you all...