Friday, October 04, 2013

Back to the grocery store.

Geez louise, 9 days later and I have to go to the grocery again.What do these people think I am. Their personal grocery shopper.  LOL I do not enjoy grocery shopping.  But I try to make the most of it, and stock up when possible today was a stock up day.
So off to Kroger's I go after checking the app on my phone, looking at the weekly ad, downloading some ecoupons.

Here is my list from my receipt.
 Frito Lay Snackpack 20 count  4.99 (this is for Dave for work)
Kroger Hot Dog Buns x 2 (1.00 eac) 2.00
Lays Chips 2 for 5.00      5.00
Kroger Brand Corn Chips   1.59
Kroger Brand Corn Chips   1.59
Wonder Bread                    1.48
StayFree with wings            2.00
Quilted Northern                5.99
King Cotton Hot Dogs         .77
King Cotton Hot Dogs         .77
King Cotton Hot Dogs         .77
King Cotton Hot Dogs         .77
King Cotton Hot Dogs         .77
Shredded Colby Jack Cheese 2.78
Sanderson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast  7.82 (nearly 4 pounds @1.99 pound)
1 pound ground chuck mark down 2.79
3 packages of Oscar Meyer bologna 3.00 (1.00 per pack) for Daves work
Tomatoes on the vine   .87  (.99 cents a pound)
Jiffy Corn Bread Mix   .48
Jiffy Corn Bread Mix   .48
Jiffy Corn Bread Mix   .48
Jiffy Corn Bread Mix   .48
4 lb bag Kroger sugar 1.99
Kroger black beans      .69
Kroger black beans      .69 (canned)
Kroger tomato sauce   2.00 (6 cans @ 3 for 1.00)
Vidalia Onion                .64
Kroger dried pinto beans 1.37 (one pound bag)
Kroger dried Northern beans 1.37 (one pound bag)
Kroger milk             5.00 (3 half gallons for 5.00 1.67 each)
5 pound roll of hamburger meat 11.45
Gwaltney Bacon   5.98 (2 12 ounce packages 2.99 each)
Hillshire Farms Tuscan Style Herbed Turkey   free with e-coupon (Free Fridays)
Big K Diet Rootbeer   2.50 (12 pack for Dave for work)
Big K Rootbeer          2.50
Era Laundry Soap   2.49 (3.49 1.00 off ecoupon)
Tax 3.85
Total 90.19

This is more than I normally spend.  But as I said a stock up.
I divided the hamburger into 4 packages (3 one pound package and one 2 pound package)
the chicken was divided into 4 packages, those breasts are huge and after I pound them thin I think one will feed Dave and I and two will be enough for the three of us.
The bacon will be used one pack for BLT's the other for a breakfast night
I saved out a couple of packs of hot dogs to go with chili, we are having company over for chili and the ball game tomorrow evening (the 2 pound pack of meat is for that)
There are tons of meals here..  enough meat for 9 meals, two meals of beans, umm another of sandwiches.

This should hold me for at least two weeks, the only thing I will need will be bread and milk.