Sunday, March 23, 2014

Eating Cheap...

ROFL this should get some peeks.
I am going to post about some meals I prepared this week, and while I know there are people who are preparing meals more more inexpensively, I still know that I am saving money.

Thursday I went to the grocery store, where I spent 37.61
I bought a package of swiss steaks with three huge steaks for 9.78 (actually cheaper I had a 1.50 coupon on any package of meat over 8.00 and it was the only one over 8.00)
I also bought a package of boneless skinless chicken breast for which I used a rain check to get for 1.88 a pound
I bought a small package of three thin steaks I plan on pounding and making into chicken fried steaks.
Bread (loaf of French bread and loaf of sandwich bread)
two bags of salad (marked down to 1.49 each)
6 apples
a bag of small red potatoes
2 fresh pineapples
a bag of broccoli florets (marked down to .99)
I had a 2.00 off 10.00 worth of produce e-coupon.

So the steak and chicken breasts are what I want to talk about.
On Thursday after I got home, I seasoned the steaks and 3 of the the chicken breast (froze the other 2 breasts for a meal later) let them marinate all afternoon then I fired up the grill.
For dinner Thursday night we had the steaks along with a salad, boiled potatoes and French  bread
These steaks were so huge that my son and I halved one.  So that was 3 individual dinners from the steaks leaving one large steak
On Friday night we had two of the chicken breasts sliced and served over the salad. (2 individual meals) leaving the largest chicken breast
On Saturday for lunch we had the other chicken breast halved between my husband and I over a large salad (2 more individual meals)
So 4 individual meals out of 3 chicken breasts(the package of 5 was less than 6.00 and some change)
Then on Sunday we took the last steak and for lunch we had steak and eggs and toast.  So 5 individual meals from the steak.
So for a package of steaks that cost 9.78 minus the 1.50 coupon (8.28)  We had 5 nice dinners with steak That made our meat (just our meat) cost only 1.66 for each meal.  I can live with that.  Sometimes it is wiser to pay a price that is a bit higher than you would normally pay for something to have a nice meal at home, versus paying 30.00 Dollars for a steak dinner out (which is what our last date out cost)
I call this eating WELL cheaply! :-)